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6th Intl Conference by Indore Institute of Law [June 21-22]: Register by June 15

Indore Institute of Law is organizing the 6th International Conference on Leveraging the Digital Transformation for Environmental Sustainability-Envisioning A Developed India from June 21 to June 22.

About the Conference

In association with GNLU (Center for Environment Sustainability and Climate Change), Led-X, Idllyic Institute of Management, Knowledge Steez, Karanjawala & Company, Scc Online, King Stub & Kasiva.     

The Conference on “Leveraging Digital Transformation for Environmental Sustainability – Envisioning A Developed India by 2040” is a platform to explore the latest trends and issues in digital transformation and their impact on the legal, management, and social science sectors. The conference will feature sub-themes on Law, Management, and Social Science, each delving into specific topics related to the overall theme.

The Law sub-theme will cover Green Governance, Digitalization of Sustainable Infrastructure, and Cyber-Sustainable India. The Management sub-theme will explore Digital Strategy for Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Green Digital Innovation, and Digital Leadership for Sustainability.

The Social Science sub-themes will be Digital Divide and Environmental Justice, Gender Technology and Sustainable Development, and Cultural Values and Sustainable Consumption. Participants will have the opportunity to present their papers and engage in a constructive discourse on digital transformation and its impact on various fields.

The idea of the conference is for researchers, scholars, and academicians for overall development all around the globe and the industry to present ongoing research activities. This conference will fulfil the requirements of industry and academics in contemporary scenarios. This conference provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face, establish business or research relations, and find global partners for future collaboration.

Join us on June 21st-22nd, 2024, for this exciting conference and participate in the dialogue on emerging technologies in legal tech!


“Leveraging the Digital Transformation for Environmental Sustainability- Envisioning A Developed India by 2040.”

The 6th International Conference, proudly hosted by Indore Institute of Law, welcomes you to a timely and crucial discussion – Leveraging the transformative power of technology to ensure environmental sustainability as India strives towards a developed future by 2040.

In this era of rapid digitalization, we stand at a crossroads. Technological advancements hold immense potential to revolutionize how we interact with the environment. From fostering green innovation and clean energy solutions to optimizing resource management and bolstering environmental monitoring, digital tools offer an unprecedented opportunity to redefine our relationship with the planet.

However, navigating this digital transformation requires a robust legal framework. We must address challenges like data privacy, intellectual property rights, and digital governance to ensure responsible and equitable use of technology for environmental good.

This conference serves as a platform for legal luminaries, policymakers, environmentalists, and tech pioneers to engage in a critical discourse. Through collaborative efforts, we can craft a legal roadmap that harnesses the power of digital transformation to propel India towards a sustainable and developed future by 2040.

This theme is accompanied with sub-themes, which are given below:


  • Green Governance: Leveraging Technology for Effective Environmental Regulation and Compliance.
  • Digitalization of Sustainable Infrastructure: Legal Frameworks for Green Energy, Transportation and Urban Planning.
  • Cyber Sustainable India: Data Privacy, Security and Intellectual Property Rights in The Digital Age.
  • Shaping the Future: Trends and Insights for Budding Lawyers through New Technological Advancement.
  • Digital Environmental Dispute Resolution: Online Mechanism for Conflict Resolution and Sustainable Development in India.


  • Digital Strategy for Sustainable Supply Chain Management: Opportunities and Challenges in The Indian Context.
  • Green Digital Innovation: Entrepreneurship and Business Model for Environmental Sustainability in India.
  • Digital Leadership for Sustainability: Building Organizational Capacity for Environmental Stewardship in Indian Industries.
  • Digital Transformation: Navigating the New Frontier through Latest Technologies.
  • Innovation and Disruption: Strategies for Successful Startups.

Social Science

  • Digital Divide and Environmental Justice: Examining the Social Implications of The Digital Transformation on The Marginalized Communities In India.
  • Gender Technology and Sustainable Development: Analyzing the Role of Women in India’s Digital Transformation for Environmental Sustainability.
  • Cultural Values and Sustainable Consumption: Investigating The Impact of Digitalization On Consumer Behavior And Environmental Attitude In India.
  • Digital Environmental Activism: Understanding the Role of Social Media in Shaping Environmental Movements and Public Opinion in India.
  • Filling Gaps through Digitization: Creating Space for a disabled workforce.

Submission Guidelines

For Abstract

The Abstract should not exceed 300 words (inclusive of 4 keywords) and must be accompanied by a brief bio-note (in 60 words) of the author indicating his/her email ID, contact number, designation, and official address.

The Abstract should be in the following format:

  • Times New Roman, Font Size 12 & Line spacing 1.5, justified.
  • 1-inch margins on all four sides.
  • Submissions are to be made in MS Word format only.
  • The abstract must identify a research problem clearly to be discussed by the author in the full paper, and the particular theme of the conference associated with the paper.
  • For abstract submission kindly click on the attached link given at the end of the post.
  • Please name your abstract as follows:
  • Full Name_abstract, e.g. if the author’s name is Sam Joe, then the name should be John Sam_abstract.

For Full Paper

Selected abstracts shall be intimated separately along with a link for full paper submissions and payment of the registration fee.

  • The word limit for a full research paper along with an abstract is 3000-5000 words (excluding footnotes), which must be submitted in MS Word format.
  • Font: Times New Roman, Font Size: 12, Line spacing: 1.5, A4 size paper with 1” margin on all sides.
  • For citation, the author is required to follow the APA Formatting and Citation (7th Ed.).
  • The final paper should mandatorily have the suggestions/recommendations made by the author(s).
  • The language of submissions should preferably be English.

Format Guidelines

  • The text should be in Times New Roman, Font size 12, Spacing 1.5. The footnotes should be in Times New Roman, font size 10, with single spacing.
  • One-inch margin on all the sides should be maintained.
  • The 20th bluebook citation format shall be strictly followed.
  • The paper should be within 3500-4500 words inclusive of footnotes and abstract.
  • The paper must be aligned with the plagiarism report, without which submission will be cancelled.

Certificate and Publication Opportunity

  • All the papers submitted that adhere to 80% uniqueness content will be published in an ISSN E-journal/ISBN Book subject to receipt of registration fee.
  • All the students/delegates will get a certificate of participation/publication.
  • The Institution reserves the discretion of the selection of the paper and the same will be binding.
  • The paper will be published in the E-journal within the next 30 days of the end of the Conference.
  • The best six papers from all the themes shall be published in UDGAM VIGYATI, the in-house E-journal bearing ISBN No-2455-2488, and the best six Researchers will be provided with an E-Certificate.
  • Other papers (as on the discretion) will be reserved with the Institute, shall be published in the Reputed Journal THE LEGAL VOICE OF INDIA bearing an ISSN No 2277-8454 and shall be provided with the E- Certificates and if Hard Copy of the Journalist needed Nominal Cost of RS 750 shall be charged.
  • The papers in LVI shall be published till December 2024 as it is the annual journal.
  • The authors willing to consider their paper for publication must submit a duly filled-in and scanned ‘DECLARATION OF RESPONSIBILITY & ASSIGNMENT OF COPYRIGHT FORM’ to be provided with the communication of acceptance of the paper.

Registration Details

  • The following steps must be adhered to by the aspiring delegates to successfully register themselves for the Conference.
  • The Abstract is invited for around 500 words.
  • In case your Abstract is accepted, you can register for the Conference.
  • You can also find the above Registration link on the college website at the end of the post.
  • Payment of registration fees (as applicable according to the category of participation).
  • Fill in the required details in the online registration form and attach the receipt of payment in the space provided.

Early Bird Registration (June 3)

Category Single Author Co-Author
Students & Research Scholars 300 600
Academicians / Professionals 500 800
Note: The last date for the Early Bird abstract submission is June 3rd, 2024, and the Full paper submission is June 15th, 2024.

Last Date of Registration (June 15)

Category Single Author Co-Author
Students & Research Scholars 500 1000
Academicians / Professionals 750 1200

Note: The last date for submitting the abstract and paper is 18 June 2024; we will not consider submissions after this date.


Accommodation Cost is 1200/- (One-day Accommodation on 21st June 2024 inclusive of food).

Registration fees, once paid, won’t be refunded under any circumstances.

General Rules & Guidelines

  • The certificate will be provided within a month from the date of intimation of selection.
  • A student/delegate is allowed to submit/present a maximum of one paper on the chosen theme.
  • In case of default or absence in presenting the paper, the Author/Presenter will be solely responsible.
  • A delay in the submission of the paper will result in disqualification, and no refund of the registration fee will be made.

Contact Information

For submission and/or queries, write to us at: [email protected]

Faculty Co-Ordinators

  • Prof. Aakriti Shukla-Assistant Professor & Research Coordinator, Indore Institute of Law
  • Contact No: 7000927214

Student Co-ordinators

  • Yash Prasad Sonkar, Convener & Assistant Student Editor of Ignited Minds Club
  • Contact No: 7247700591
  • Rakhi Kushwaha, Co-Convener Ignited Minds Club
  • Contact No: 9302627778

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