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Are you missing your ex? Reasons why it happens, and how you can get over it

After a breakup, it is natural that we may miss our ex-partner sometimes. When we spend a considerable amount of time with someone and then one day, we choose to part ways, it can be difficult for both partners to move on with their lives, without having each other by their side. For toxic relationships, the scenario may be different. “Missing someone is natural, but it doesn’t always mean it’s the right choice to get back together. ⁠Trust your instincts, prioritise your well-being, and keep nurturing your beautiful, unique journey,” wrote Therapist Jordan Green. The expert further shared a few reasons why we miss our ex-partner after a breakup:

Are you missing your ex? Reasons why it happens, and how you can get over it(Pixabay)

Nostalgia: The sense of missing someone often stems from the memories of good times spent together. The flashbacks of good and happy memories can cloud the mind and make us miss the person we have memories with.

Routine disruption: When we are with someone or in a relationship, we get habituated into a routine that becomes a part of the lifestyle. A breakup also means disruption of that routine, and hence, out of habit, we miss the person and the routine we had with them.

Emotional connection: The emotional connection and intimacy that we had in the relationship can make us miss the person we shared the good and the bad times with.

Reflect: Instead of taking sudden actions, we should sit back and reflect on the reasons why we miss them. Is it because of loneliness or the connection that we miss – seeking answers for these questions will help us to get more clarity.

Self-care: We should focus on pampering ourselves and making us feel better. From going for a ride to visiting a salon and having a good time, we should try self-care routines.

Seek support: We should reach out to the people we feel safe with and seek their support in making ourselves feel better.

Set boundaries: It is very important to set certain boundaries to prevent having further heartbreaks or a relapse.


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