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Beyoncé’s mom goes off on skin-lightening speculation

Tina Knowles won’t let anyone break Beyoncé’s soul. On Tuesday, she fiercely came to her daughter’s defense after critics accused the artist of lightening her skin.

Knowles shared clips of the “Break My Soul” and “Alien Superstar” singer on Instagram — starting with an image that featured Bey sporting platinum-blond hair and decked out in a chrome Versace gown for the theatrical premiere of her “Renaissance” film last weekend in Los Angeles. She accompanied her video with some of the claims that were made about the Grammy Award winner’s latest appearance.

The Destiny’s Child costume designer superimposed comments on the reel that accused the 42-year-old entertainer of looking white instead of Black, insisted that she lightens her skin or lied about her origins. But Knowles responded to the observations with “The Lion King” star’s 2019 hit, “Brown Skin Girl,” and a lengthy caption rebutting “the stupid ignorant self-hating racist statements” made about her daughter, reasoning that Bey’s look was all on theme.

“She does a film, called the renaissance, where the whole theme is silver with silver hair, a silver carpet, and suggested silver attire and you bozos decide that she’s trying to be a white woman and is bleaching her skin?” the 69-year-old matriarch wrote. “How sad is it that some of her own people continue the stupid narrative with hate and jealousy. Duh, she wore silver hair to match her silver dress as a fashion statement clown. . ALIEN Superstar duh!”

Knowles added that her blood boiled when a woman from TMZ “had the audacity” to reach out to Bey’s hairstylist to ask for a statement about speculation that Beyoncé “wants to be white.”

“[T]his white woman felt so entitled to discuss her blackness,” Knowles wrote. “What’s really most disappointing is that the some Black people yes you bozos that’s on social media [sic]. Lying and faking and acting like you’re so ignorant that you don’t understand That black women have worn platinum hair since the Etta James days. I just went and looked at all the beautiful talented black celebrities who have worn platinum hair and it has been just about everyone of them at one time or another. Are they all trying to be white?”

Mama Louisiana added that she’s “sick and tired of people attacking” her daughter.

“Every time she does something that she works her ass off for and is a statement of her work ethic, talent and resilience. Here you sad little haters come out the woodwork,” she continued. “Jealousy and racism, sexism, double standards, you perpetuate those things. Instead of celebrating a sister or just ignoring if you don’t like her. I am sick of you losers. I know that she is going to be p— at me for doing this, but I am fed up! This girl minds her own business. She helps people whenever she can. She lifts up & promotes black women and underdogs at all times.”

Knowles’ followers, including several celebrities, applauded her for the rejoinder.

“I love you so much Ms. Tina! She deserves to be protected in this way!” actor Keke Palmer wrote.

“Go off!” added “Insecure’s” Issa Rae.

“You have raised beautiful, strong, intelligent black, PROUD TO BE BLACK women. Period,” actor Octavia Spencer wrote. “Anyone who says otherwise has their own issues to deal with. I’m sorry you’ve come across the negative comments that people don’t realize is a reflection of how they feel about themselves.”

Knowles asserted that “Beyoncé is a brown skin girl” in additional subtitles on the video she posted featuring the singer’s many public appearances throughout her career.

“Beyoncé is a brown skin girl. Sometimes more or less light. A brown skin girl it’s more than a skin color. It’s a culture, a pride, a strength. Beyoncé is a brown skin girl,” the titles said.


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