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BidsCube teams up with Pixalate to combat ad fraud

With a shared commitment to fostering a secure and trustworthy environment for publishers and advertisers, BidsCube and Pixalate have partnered to fortify the digital advertising industry and make it more transparent.

Pixalate’s fraud protection, privacy and compliance analytics solutions integrate into BidsCube’s programmatic ecosystem, providing clients with comprehensive tools powered by AI and machine learning. It will enhance the company’s quality approach, reinforcing its dedication to delivering safe and compliant programmatic advertising products.

“As the programmatic advertising continues to evolve, addressing ad fraud and ensuring transparency has become paramount for success,” said Dmytro Chebakov, CEO of BidsCube. “Our collaboration with Pixalate reflects our commitment to delivering trustworthy and secure programmatic advertising solutions.”

Why we care. The partnership of BidsCube and Pixalate is notable because it’s a substantial step towards creating a more secure ecosystem that benefits advertisers and publishers. The latest report by the Association of National Advertisers confirms concern about transparency issues in the programmatic market. The strategic partnership between BidsCube and Pixalate marks a significant milestone in the fight against ad fraud and championing transparency in programmatic advertising.

“Our partnership with BidsCube provides their customers with comprehensive fraud detection and prevention solutions,” said Jalal Nasir, CEO of Pixalate. “We are encouraged by their proactive approach in creating a programmatic advertising ecosystem built on transparency, efficiency and quality.”

How it works. For BidsCube customers, the new features will be now available within all platforms out of the box. Users can navigate the built-in Pixalate panel to customize all the necessary settings. For partners utilizing managed services, a traffic monitoring option with the Pixalate solutions will be available on demand. The company aims to provide every party involved with a more secure and reliable environment.

Why it is important for advertisers and publishers. This partnership will impact more than 250 of BidsCube’s global programmatic partners that use the company’s products, providing reliable publishers with more revenue and advertisers with high-quality advertising inventory.


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