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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Mechanical Parts

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s A Rift in Time expansion offers a lot of fresh stuff to find and craft, including ancient ingredients you can make into some pretty fancy new items. To make some of these, however, you’ll need to first get Mechanical Parts to aid in the crafting process, and we’ll tell you how to do so below.

How to get Mechanical Parts in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You’ll likely first be asked for Mechanical Parts during a quest for EVE, at which point the game just mentions you’ll need to do some time-bending. With the vague wording, you’d be forgiven for assuming this is an item you’d need to find while time-bending, but in fact, you’ll need to craft Mechanical Parts at a crafting station.

Mechanical Parts can be crafted using Brass Ingot x1 and Bronze Ingot x1.

To make Mechanical Parts, you’ll need Brass Ingot x1 and Bronze Ingot x1. You can craft Brass Ingots by combining Copper x4, Tin x1, and Coal Ore x1, while Bronze Ingots can be crafted using Copper x3, Zinc x2, and Coal Ore x1. When you’re ready to craft Mechanical Parts, just head to any crafting station and find the item under “Refined Materials” tab.

While you’re exploring Eternity Isle, make sure you unlock Gaston and check our critters guide for info on all of the new critters’ favorite foods. If you need any more help with Disney Dreamlight Valley, be sure to check out our comprehensive guides hub.

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