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Dredge, One Of 2023’s Breakout Hits, Is Getting A Cool Collector’s Edition For Switch And PS5

The breakout indie hit Dredge has had a great year. Since first launching in March 2023, the spooky-yet-wholesome fishing game earned award a nomination for best indie game at The Game Awards, teamed up with last year’s other big fishing game Dave the Diver, and has a big new DLC expansion called The Iron Rig on the way. And Dredge fans have more than just the expansion to look forward to. A physical collector’s edition filled tons of goodies releases later this year.

Dredge Complete Collector’s Edition launches November 19 for PS5 and Nintendo Switch. Along with the collectibles, this new physical edition includes the Iron Rig DLC. Compared to many collector’s editions, Dredge’s $100 price feels like a bargain. Preorders are available now at Best Buy for both platforms.

Dredge Complete Collector’s Edition

Dredge Collector’s Edition

Here’s everything you get with Dredge’s Complete Collector’s Edition.

  • A boxed copy of the base game with unique reversible cover art
  • Dredge: The Iron Rig DLC
  • Double-sided poster
  • Map of Dredge’s in-game sea
  • Sign of ruin replica
  • Fish species notebook
  • Double-sided coin
  • Message-in-a-bottle from the developer
  • Collector’s box

Preorder at Best Buy — $100

If you already own Dredge and are looking to dive back into its Eldritch waters, the new Iron Rig DLC is dropping on August 15 for the PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch versions of the game. It will be available for $12. The Iron Rig DLC was announced earlier this month with a trailer that teased a new storyline where players will trade their salvage to a mysterious scientist working on a remote Iron Rig out in the sea. If you want a physical edition of Dredge and don’t care for the collectibles, Dredge’s Deluxe Edition is available for $30 (was $40) for Nintendo Switch at Best Buy.


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