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Everyone Wants to be on Top of the Mountain But Few Are Willing to Make the Climb

When things don’t go as planned, most people quit the struggle and move on to greener (meaning – easier) pastures.

And the world is filled with quitters.

Without pursuing success, life is a struggle.

Even for the vast majority who are content with just coasting along, life is still filled with problems.

Most people want to minimize their problems.

They don’t want to add more problems to their lives.

That’s why self-made millionaires are so rare

According to my Rich Habits research, only 3% who pursue a dream, stick with it until they succeed.

At some point, 97% quit.

Here’s why.

The pursuit of a dream, big goal or major initiative means – more problems.

More obstacles to overcome.

More pitfalls to crawl out of.

More conflict.

More stress.

More emotional heartache, especially when things don’t go as planned.

And when you’re pursuing a dream, big goal or major initiative, nothing ever goes as planned.


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