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GTA Online Is Finally Getting Animals

Ten years after its original release, Rockstar announced that it’s finally adding animals to GTA Online in December, a feature that was originally only available in the story mode. In addition to animals roaming the world, players will be able to participate in new activities and more.

Thanks to a Rockstar Blog post, we know that animals can be found roaming around the southern San Andreas area. But this feature will only be available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S players.

Starting next month, players will also have the chance to work alongside Yusuf Amir, a character previously introduced to the series in GTA 4. According to the blog post, players will help him “collect luxury import vehicles by any means necessary.” This will include players planning out new robberies that will allow them to purchase a salvage yard to organize their missions.

In addition to the reintroduction of Yusuf Amir, players can use new drifting modifications for specific cars and use them in the Drift Races Series. To start a race, they only need to visit an LS Car Meet and pick the proper car.

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