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How to Tag People on Your Instagram Story After You Post It

Have you ever posted to your Instagram Story and then realized you forgot to tag your friend? Don’t delete the post and start over! There is an easy way to tag friends in Instagram Stories that you have already posted.

How to Tag Someone on Your Instagram Story After Posting

If you forget to tag someone on your Instagram Story, you can always delete the Story and repost it with the tag. Deleting an Instagram Story is not that hard, but you will have to start your post over.

There is a much easier way to tag an account on a posted Story:

1. Tap the pink or grey ring around your Instagram profile picture to open your Story.

2. Tap the More icon in the bottom right corner of your Story.

3. Tap Add Mentions from the menu.

4. Tap the accounts you want to tag. You can search for accounts using the Search bar at the top.

5. Tap Add at the bottom.

Once you add accounts this way, those people will receive a DM saying that you mentioned them in your Story. They can then add the post directly to their own Story if they choose to.

How Using the “Add Mentions” Button Differs From the Mention Sticker

You may already know that you can tag people on your Instagram Story before you post it by either using the Mention Sticker or simply typing a username on the Story. These are both methods that you only work before the Story is posted. The Add Mentions button is available after the Story is posted.

The other difference between these methods is that the Mention Sticker will display the username of that account on your Story, meaning any viewer can tap that sticker to view the account that is tagged. The Add Mentions button will not display the username on the Story, so viewers will not see tagged accounts.

Tagging your friends before you post the Story is better if you want viewers to tap and look at their accounts. Tagging them after with the Add Mentions button is better for friends with private accounts or when you forget to tag them beforehand.

Switching to a private Instagram account may help keep you safe online, but your tagged friends will not be able to repost your Stories if your account is private. With the Add Mentions button, tagging your friends and family on Instagram is easier than ever, and it allows them to repost your photos and content.


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