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Lego Fortnite: How To Get Wooden Planks

Lego Fortnite has arrived, and this survival-crafting game feels like a mash-up between Minecraft and Fortnite, with a Lego aesthetic. As with many crafting-focused games, you will need to acquire a variety of different raw materials and refine them into even better materials. One of those materials is Wooden Planks, which you need early on in Lego Fortnite to craft tools like an axe and pickaxe. Here’s how to make Wooden Planks in Lego Fortnite.

How to make Wooden Planks

In order to make Wooden Planks, you will need to build a Lumber Mill.

Wooden Planks are made by refining wood with a Lumber Mill. Wood can be found by exploring the woods surrounding your starting area. Wood can either be collected by knocking down trees–the smaller ones can be done without equipment, but the bigger ones will require an axe–or by finding piles of sticks on the ground. Granite, the equivalent of basic rock, can be acquired by collecting small rocks piles or by destroying larger rocks.

To craft a Lumber Mill, you will need eight pieces of wood and 15 pieces of granite. This can be found in the equipment section of the build menu, in the same section as the crafting table. These crafting recipes are doled out as you work through the tutorial given by given by the NPC there you can ask for help, so if the Lumber Mill isn’t available to you just yet, talk to Brite Bomber and ask her what you should do next, as you may need to complete a task or two before you can build the Lumber Mill.

Once you build the Lumber Mill, you will need to put wood into it to create Wooden Planks. It requires one piece of wood to create one Wooden Plank, but it does take a few seconds for each piece to be processed.

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