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New Dungeons & Dragons Game Is A Multiplayer Co-Op Adventure From The Makers Of Payday

Payday developer Starbreeze is turning in its guns and masks for swords and spells, as the studio has announced it’s working on a Dungeons & Dragons game set to release in 2026.

The Payday series, in which players team up to perform heists by sneaking or battling their way through different scenarios, is Starbreeze’s claim to fame, and it sounds like it will be looking to channel similar energy for its foray into D&D. Details are currently light, but the game is officially codenamed Project Baxter and will “carry the signature Starbreeze game cornerstones of co-operative multiplayer, lifetime commitment through a Games as a Service-model, community engagement and a larger than life experience,” according to a press release. It will be available on “all major platforms” and will include cross-play. Project Baxter had previously been announced, with Starbreeze having now confirmed the title is set in the D&D universe.

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Dungeons & Dragons was “at the top” of Starbreeze’s list of potential IPs for future projects, according to Starbreeze CEO Tobias Sjögren, who went on to say that both Starbreeze games and D&D have a shared foundation in things like cooperative gameplay, replayability, and a focus on community driven experiences.

“Development of the game is in full swing, and we are excited to deliver an amazing Dungeons & Dragons action-adventure in 2026,” Sjögren said.

Eugene Evans, senior vice president of digital strategy and licensing at D&D parent company Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro, said that D&D continues to “attract great partners,” and that the company’s collaboration with Starbreeze is a great example of its licensing strategy.

“Given their impressive games and passion for Dungeons & Dragons, we are confident that they will create an experience that will delight fans worldwide,” Evans said in a press release.

Starbreeze recently released Payday 3, though the anticipated sequel’s launch wasn’t exactly smooth due to server issues that prevented players from finding matches. Starbreeze apologized for Payday 3’s launch, and the game’s matchmaking issues have since been addressed. Payday 3’s first major patch launched in early November, bringing a myriad of technical fixes to the co-op shooter as well as balance changes to some of the game’s most powerful skills.

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