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Peenya Crematorium – Key Issues to Address Before it Can Be Considered Satisfactory

Peenya Crematorium

Located in the heart of Peenya industrial area, the crematorium serves as a serene and respectful final resting place for departed souls. It also provides a space for community engagement through workshops, seminars, and support groups for those mourning the loss of a loved one. Additionally, it partners with local schools and colleges to educate young people about the importance of end-of-life rituals and respect.

This cremation facility is well-equipped and conveniently located making it easy for family members to say their final farewells in a meaningful way. The Peenya Crematorium uses a novel methodology to burn the remains of a deceased individual, eliminating the need for wooden pyres. This not only reduces the environmental impact but it also saves time and energy.

The BBMP has introduced this facility to alleviate the burden on other existing crematoria during the second wave of COVID-19, as many were already full to capacity. The new crematorium is equipped to handle up to 333 bodies at any given time.

This facility is a welcome addition to the city as it will provide relief to grieving families. However, the BBMP needs to address some key issues before this cremation facility can be considered truly satisfactory.

Peenya Crematorium – Key Issues to Address Before it Can Be Considered Satisfactory

First of all, BBMP has to ensure that it is properly staffed during the peak hours of operations. This is essential because the more staff available, the faster the cremation process can be completed. Additionally, BBMP should make sure that all employees are trained to handle the pressure of handling so many bodies at once.

Another key issue is the hygiene of the facility. The BBMP should ensure that the burial grounds and surrounding areas are kept clean and hygienic at all times. This will help to prevent the spread of the disease. Moreover, the BBMP should ensure that the equipment at this crematorium is functioning properly. Finally, BBMP must set up a committee to examine the working conditions of workers at crematoriums and cemeteries. The committee should recognize that this is a caste-based occupation and take concerted steps to improve their lives.

Additionally, the committee must look at compensation for these workers who have lost their homes due to having to travel long distances to work at crematoriums and burial grounds. Lastly, the committee must consider providing all of these workers with a permanent home on the BBMP’s premises. This will provide them with security, stability and a sense of belonging that they so desperately need. This will allow them to break free from the cycle of poverty and abuse that they are currently trapped in. Then they can begin to rebuild their lives with dignity.


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