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[Podcast] This city will deliver the strongest growth over the next decade, with Stuart Wemyss

If you’re a property investor, the most common question you will likely ask is, “Where should I buy my next investment property?”

In fact, who wouldn’t give their second garage to know which city will outperform over the next decade?

Well, that’s the question I’m going to ask my guest today – independent financial adviser Stuart Wemyss, Director of Prosolution Private clients, who is going to give us an evidence-based approach, and looking at his track record, I think he’s worth listening to.

A deep dive into property strategy and law

In our conversation today, Stuart Wemyss shares his wealth of knowledge on strategic real estate investment and how to thrive amidst new property laws.

We discuss: Melbourne 2

  • The importance of long-term market predictions over short-term forecasts in property investment
  • Mean-reversion and what it means
  • The Melbourne market as a promising opportunity for investment in the next decade
  • New tenancy laws in Victoria and their effects on landlords and tenants, including compliance costs and disputes
  • The concept of borderless investing and Melbourne’s geographical and property supply advantages
  • Comparative value of inner-city Melbourne real estate against other capital cities and potential undervaluation
  • The significance of strategic planning in property investment, akin to custom architecture Melbourne Suburb
  • Encouragement to adopt a future-focused mindset and avoid the ‘boiling frog syndrome’ in property investment

Remember the value of considering the national landscape and the benefits of seeking quality assets when making property investments.

The episode emphasizes the importance of staying informed and being prepared to make decisions that will benefit one’s financial future in the long term.

Links and Resources:

Michael Yardney

Stuart Wemyss – Prosolution Private Clients

Stuart’s Book – Rules of the Lending Game & Investopoly

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Some of our favorite quotes from the show:

“The brain works in a funny way, so if you’re having really good times, I think we tend to think it’s going to continue on, when in fact it doesn’t, and each boom leads to the next period of lower growth or no growth, and, similarly, each downturn leads to the next upturn.” – Michael Yardney

“And remember that Melbourne is going to get more than its share of immigrants, and most of those are knowledge workers, so they’re going to have higher incomes and be able to afford to buy properties.” – Michael Yardney

“The most dangerous habits, behaviours, and beliefs are the ones that you slip into slowly, day after day, without even realising the damage they’re doing to your life.” – Michael Yardney


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