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Raising the bar: Goa’s newest high-energy space ‘Barfly’- The New Indian Express

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Cracking the code to Goa’s pulsating food and beverage space is no mean feat. A few years ago, entrepreneurs Karrtik Dhingra, siblings Tarun and Bipin Sibal, and Shyaam Khurana broke the convention with Titlie Goa, a popular beachfront culinary bar synonymous with collaborative cuisine and craft cocktails. The same team is now back with a new offering—Barfly—in the popular neighbourhood of Assagao in north Goa.

“The term ‘barfly’ typically refers to an individual who frequents a bar to socialise over drinks,” says Karrtik. Indeed, the name is fitting for a space set in an expansive 150-year-old Portuguese-Goan bungalow that marries old-world charm with a contemporary aesthetic. Prepare to surprise yourself with its storytelling, perfectly articulated through its fusion of cultures and ingredients. There are inter-connected rooms that complement different moods—a space for lazy indulgences of a lingering meal, a wine room for connoisseurs, a romantic spotlit by candles perfect for couples, glass-roofed dining spaces, wide verandas that take you back in time, and more.

Bipin Sibal, Tarun Sibal, Karrtik Dhingra and Shyaam Khurana

The centrepiece at Barfly are its two bars: the Agave Bar, and the Tales from the Villa: Elevated Classics. Both offer concoctions designed by Vikram Achanta of Tulleeho, a leading beverage training and education platform. The agave bar is a first-of-its-kind in Goa, inspired by the growing trend of tequila, mezcal and agave spirits across the world. Its menu is experimental but rewarding, with beverages like the El Gusano that fuses smoky mezcal with the rich depth of bourbon and clarified watermelon, topped with a dash of soy. Caprese is another intriguing option that offers a ‘salad in a glass experience’—a combination of reposado, cherry tomatoes and basil left overnight. “From the sheer quality of the liquid, its versatility to its premium nature, the agave spirit category has a lot to offer,” shares chef-entrepreneur Tarun.

If agave is rather experimental for the palate, there’s the charming Tales from the Villa bar that is a nod to classics, albeit with a twist. Here, one can savour the Caramel Milk Punch, a delightful reinterpretation of a classic libation infused with the richness of caramel. Negroni lovers can sample the Melon Negroni that infuses Bulldog gin with green melons. “Today, Goa stands as a melting pot of cultures where traditions intertwine with modernity. We elevate classic cocktails with modern techniques, inspired by multiple stories,” reiterates Tarun.

Barfly facade

The eclectic cocktail menu pairs well with Barfly’s food guided by the creative direction of chefs Tarun and Viraf Patel. It focuses on continental fare, incorporating European flavours, and a touch of mainland America alongside the nuances from the southern hemisphere. Relish the mouthwatering sourdough tartines with combinations like avocado, goat cheese, guava compote, greens and lime, followed by salads to small plates like the seafood ajillo and the hummus with French onion glaze and whole wheat pita. For mains, large plates like the lobster bisque fettucini, barley risotto with seasonal vegetables are comforting. Unlike many bars, Barfly has a dessert menu with six options. The Bananamisu is definitely something one shouldn’t miss.

There’s more in the offing. Come October Barfly plans to open the Sunday Graze—a large communal table for grazing that’s perfect for indulgent brunches. 

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