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Tesla Roadster ‘Open-Sourced’ Allows Car Enthusiasts To Build the Vehicle in Their Garage With Some Assembly

San Francisco, November 24: Electric car company Tesla has made its Roadster vehicle fully open-sourced, which means car enthusiasts can actually build the vehicle in their garage with some assembly. Tesla CEO Elon Musk informed his followers that “Tesla Roadster is now fully open sourced. “All design and engineering of the original @Tesla Roadster is now fully open source,” the tech billionaire said.

“Whatever we have, you now have,” Musk added about the 15-year-old Roadster. A follower asked him if this means he can build his own roadster in his garage. Musk replied: “Some assembly required”. The Roadster page includes service, parts, and owners manuals, wiring schematics, and R&D documents on the car’s battery monitor board, vehicle display system, and HVAC controller. Volvo India Aims to Have 50% Vehicles to Run on Non-Fossil Fuel by 2030: Official.

Tesla open-sourced all its patents back in 2015. The original Tesla Roadster hasn’t been in production for more than a decade now Tesla produced just over 2,000 units of Roadster, and many of them were lost to accidents and some very unfortunate fires at a garage in Arizona, reports Electrek. BMW i3 to Mahindra XUV E8; Know Details About Upcoming Electric Cars in India.

“The information provided is as a courtesy to Roadster enthusiasts and was created during the design phase of the Roadster for research and development. It isn’t manufacturer reference or repair and maintenance material, and may not accurately reflect the actual production models or parts sold,” said the automaker. “You also understand that if you make or design parts or create new repairs or procedures based on this information, we won’t be responsible for them and they won’t be genuine Tesla parts or accessories or Tesla-approved procedures,” said Tesla.


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