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The 5 Best Discord Activities to Try With Your Friends

Many people use Discord as a place to hang out with friends—and while voice and video calls are great for catching up, sometimes you want to add a little extra activity to the mix. Thankfully, Discord offers a variety of built-in activities that are perfect for a virtual hangout with your friends. Here are the top ones.

1 Death By AI

Death By AI takes the concept of interactive storytelling and injects a healthy dose of dark humor. The activity uses a GPT language model to generate and narrate stories. Here’s the gist: one person sets the scene by choosing a pre-made scenario or crafting their own. Then, everyone in the group types out their escape plan. The host, a delightfully sadistic AI robot, reads each escape plan and narrates the outcome.

These scenarios can be anything from being trapped in a zombie apocalypse, falling off a skyscraper, or facing a deranged dentist. The AI host gleefully throws curveballs and twists of fate at your carefully constructed plans, which often lead to a hilarious and gruesome demise. There’s a character limit to how long your solution can be, and words like “live” and “survive” are banned. So, if you thought some basic AI prompting techniques would save you, you’ll have to get a bit more creative.

In my experience, the activity is even more enjoyable when you create your own personalized scenarios. This allows you to utilize the generative AI to get some really funny outcomes. The default game mode does not guarantee that anyone will survive the mortal scenarios. But if that’s too bleak, the game also has a single survivor mode, where the AI narrates a single twisted story, including all participants. Only one of you will survive.


LandIO Discord activity is similar to the classic Snake game—and like the original, it’s very simple. However, unlike the snake game, where you can’t touch your tail, in, you have to touch your tail to earn points. In this game, you and your friends start with a small plot of land, and the goal is to claim as much territory as possible before the timer runs out.

You can only expand your land by closing in the ends of your existing territory. The twist is that when you move outside your territory to expand it, you expose your tail. If other players snip your exposed tail, you lose all your territory to them and start over. The mechanisms are easy to grasp, making perfect for a casual hangout with friends who might not be hardcore gamers. After all, Discord isn’t just for gamers.

Despite the simplicity, can still be very exciting. I’ve been in many matches where I meticulously built an empire only to have a friend snip my tail right before time’s up, taking all my territory and winning the game. You can play a private game with your friends or join a public game to test your skills against players from other servers.

3 Chef Showdown

Chef Showdown Discord activity

Ever dreamed of running a bustling restaurant kitchen? Well, with Chef Showdown, you can experience the chaos (and occasional satisfaction) of the culinary world without the risk of burning down your actual kitchen. This activity takes inspiration from games like Overcooked, and the mechanisms are similar, albeit even simpler.

Chef Showdown takes place in a fast food joint with your menu consisting of burgers, fries, salad, and soda. The impatient pixelated customers will be waiting for their food, and you need to serve them quickly. You can easily serve salads and soda, but making burgers and fries requires multiple steps. The biggest challenge is that you can’t do anything when your hands are full. This simple rule throws a wrench into the best-laid plans.

There are two ways to play Chef Showdown: cooperative and versus. In cooperative mode, you and your friend can work together to earn a total score. In versus mode, you go head-to-head. Both of you work in the same kitchen, but only the one who fulfills the order gets the point. Be prepared for some trash talk when you’ve provided three of the four items on an order, and your friend steals the points by providing the last one.

4 Chess in the Park

Chess in the park Discord activity

Chess needs little introduction. Chess in the Park brings this timeless game to Discord and spares you from having to set up a physical chessboard and fumble with misplaced pieces. With a few clicks, you can create a game, invite your friend, and be locked in an intellectual battle.

Chess in the Park offers more than just basic functionality. If you like to analyze your games and learn from your mistakes, the activity stores a history of your matches. This allows you to revisit past games, identify critical turning points, and potentially develop new strategies for future battles. There’s also a handy move planner mode where you can contemplate your next moves while your friend ponders theirs.

Chess in the Park is a great way to unwind and talk with your friend while having something to think about during the occasional silence. You can also customize the board and pieces with different skins to add a touch of personality. Remember, if your friends are all offline, you can always join other Discord servers to find people to play with.

5 Watch Together

Watch Together Discord activity

Let’s face it: watching videos with friends online is usually a clunky affair. You send a link, they open it, there’s inevitable lag, and someone always seems to be a few seconds behind. Watch Together solves this problem by creating a seamless co-viewing platform directly within Discord. Think of it as having a virtual YouTube watch party on your server. You’ll see a familiar interface, complete with a search bar and trending videos.

Watch Together is one of the few Discord activities that isn’t a game; it provides a simple yet key functionality: synchronized playback. Whenever the host pauses, rewinds, or fast-forwards, the video adjusts for everyone on the call. No more pauses to let everyone catch up or re-sync playback. Watch Together lets you react to the videos together, discuss plot twists in real time, and enjoy watching something unfold simultaneously for all of you. You really feel like you watched the video together.

There are some limitations to keep in mind. Watch Together can’t play age-restricted content or videos requiring a YouTube sign-in. However, for most YouTube content, it offers a smooth and enjoyable way to share the viewing experience with your friends on Discord. YouTube also displays ads during playback, which can be a drawback for viewers.

These are just a few of Discord’s many fun and engaging activities. There are plenty more, and with their good variety, there’s something for everyone. So, next time you’re looking for a way to liven up your Discord session, give these activities a try. You’ll be surprised by how much fun you can have together.


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