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The Matcheek App Review: Everything You Should Know

There are several kinds of dating apps available these days. Some of these dating apps have unmatched features with endless swiping. However, you can no longer rely on dating platforms based on endless swiping. 

Now, dating platforms have changed the way people deal with and interact with others. But, a recently launched app is trying to alter the dating game scenario. Matcheek is a dating app that matches you with your partner in secret, using an innovative matchmaking technique. 

With this kind of innovative app, you have the complete right whether to reveal your identity or not. There is a feature on the Matcheek app that allows you to chat anonymously until you’re ready to take things to the next level. Intrigued? Let’s take a closer look at what to expect from the Matcheek dating app. 

What Does The Matcheek App Do?

Matcheek stands to be a perfect dating app for people who want to date their college crush or workplace colleague. They can turn their dating scenario into a perfect relationship but in a discreet manner. This amazing app encourages people to approach someone they’ve been eyeing for a while. 

The USP of the Matcheek App is that it works with a user’s smartphone contacts. To keep your college or office romance private, Matcheek lets you like only your phone contacts, which usually include your colleagues or college mates. And only people with your phone number can like you. At Matcheek, everyone chooses their favorite directly from their contact list.

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The Matchmaking Algorithm of The Matcheek App Explained

So, how precisely does Matcheek perform its magic? The Matcheek app works around the Secret Match and the anonymity of users. This app provides great features to its users that encourage them to give a second thought about any match (secret match). 

Matcheek app builds its features with some secrecy around each match by associating 3 contacts while only one is the user match. You can watch this YouTube video, which illustrates the concept.

Matcheek Press release

For this thing, users need to like three of its contacts to make a perfect match. Consequently, Matcheek triggers two matches if the users like 6 of their contacts. Thus, it is important for the users to like enough contacts to get more matches.

How To Create A Matcheek Profile

The Matcheek app, which is a great dating app for serious relationships, can easily be downloaded from Google Play if you are an Android user. Unfortunately, this app is currently not available to use or download from the App Store.

To create a profile on this dating app, you just need to enter your phone number and an anonymous username. The username can only be seen by your Match once a Secret Match is activated. During the use of Matcheek, the app may collect, with your authorization, the following optional data: your email, messages with their photos and videos, and your phone contacts.

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Matcheek App Features

Matcheek app provides a wide range of amazing features for its users that set it apart from the competition. Here are some of the capabilities that make Matcheek a game-changer for online dating.

Matcheek app features
Matcheek app features

1. Secret Match

The Matcheek app replaces the classic Match with its innovative feature called Secret Match. This app pairs you with 3 of your contacts, and one of them is your real match. The Secret Match shows both users their Match among two other likes to maintain secrecy.

Whether you want to start a serious relationship or just hang out with a coworker or classmate, you can confirm the other’s interest by remaining anonymous.

2. Power of Ping/SMS anonymous invitation

It is great to like your contacts on the app, but you won’t get any matches unless they install the app. To remedy that, Matcheek has the Power of Ping feature, which allows you to send an SMS invitation anonymously to your contacts that you like. 

We tried it for you, and the SMS we received was: “MATCHEEK: Great news! Someone has a secret crush on you. If you want to discover who is this person who loves you secretly, join Matcheek anonymously.”

3. Appless notification mode

When you install a Matcheek app, you can like the contacts that you want to date. You can even continue interacting with your matches without even keeping the app installed on your phone. Indeed, discretion seems to be of value at Matcheek. 

You just need to enter your email address and uninstall the app so that you’ll receive a notification via email of the new likes. Then, just reactivate your account with your phone number to check who liked you. 

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4. Incognito mode

Matcheek is an anonymous dating app in which your profile will be hidden from anyone using the app. So, basically, no one can see you on this platform like one of those private couple messaging apps. This incognito mode is by default and can be deactivated only for a match when you decide to unveil your identity.

5. Anonymous chat

Matcheek app is a discretion dating app that enables users to date or chat anonymously. Once you have a Secret Match, the anonymous chat option is unlocked. It allows you to start a chat with one of your liked contacts. Messaging can help you share your interests and desires and clarify both expectations.

This allows you to gradually build a connection so that you’re at ease on the first date after meeting online. Ultimately, finding a serious relationship is a process that requires patience and self-discovery.

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Safety and Privacy Features on the Matcheek App

Privacy and safety concerns go hand-in-hand with online dating. After all, you’re chatting with an absolute stranger, and given the number of catfishing and romance scamming stories that float around, you can never be sure how authentic or trustworthy a person is.

With Matcheek, the safety concerns are largely redundant because you only match with a person whose number is in your contact list or by entering a number manually. Although Matcheek seems to be a very safe dating app, you need to think about your safety while meeting someone in person for the first time, especially using any dating platform. 

Overall, the Matcheek app appears to value its user’s security, safety, and privacy. This app can help you find a meaningful connection that you can pursue more confidently. 

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Online Dating with Matcheek App: The Pros and Cons 

Before diving into a dating pool, you should know about the pros and cons of the Matcheek dating app.


One of the biggest pros of Matcheek is its innovative matchmaking way. Matcheek allows you to match with people in your contacts. Apart from this, Matcheek gives you a simple and intuitive interface that completes your dating profile within a few minutes. To get started, you just need to enter a phone number and create a username.


One issue with this application, according to some users, is that it can be tricky to make progress with this app if the person you like or have a crush on is not in your contact list. Obviously, you cannot discover new people on Matcheek from their user database, as you would with classical dating apps.

How Much Does Matcheek Cost? Pricing and Plans

Matcheek is a free dating app and most of its features, except for a few magic powers, are available to users without a premium. However, when you do sign up for a paid account, you get access to features like,

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  • Power of Like: Free users can like only up to 100 contacts from their list but the Power of Like feature removes that cap
  • Power of Match: It helps you to build a perfect match with the contacts that have liked you
  • Power of Time: You can learn about the secret match 24 hours before your match discovers it
  • Power of Ping: This feature allows you to send anonymous messages (30 SMS) to your contacts so you can make sure your crush is aware of the Matcheek app

If you are interested in one of them, consider leveraging the free trial that the Matcheek team offers from time to time to newcomers and enjoy some of its interactive and amazing benefits and features of this alternative dating app.

Matcheek app pricing
Matcheek app pricing

The Matcheek app could be ideal for people who wish to discreetly discover love, especially if you’ve been eyeing someone but haven’t been able to tell them so. The app’s anonymous dating match algorithm presents some interesting concepts. Matcheek could be a game changer if you’re seeking a simple, guided way to use your contact list to find interesting dates.

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