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The real estate investing strategy I’d recommend to newbies

There is no doubt that first-time property investors are staking their claim on markets across the nation.

In fact, many are choosing to rentvest and buy their first investment before they buy a home.

The thing is, while there is more information available than ever before, far too many newbies continue to make simple mistakes, which can cost them dearly in the long run.

So, here are three insights first-time property buyers must understand before wading into the market.

1. Educate yourself

From blogs like this one to property podcasts and YouTube videos, there is a plethora of real estate investing information at your fingertips – the problem is not all of it is good.

Can you tell the difference?

Unfortunately, many first-timers can’t, so they wind up listening to a “supposed” expert who is really just trying to market inferior properties to them.

Before blinding following the advice of someone who might have a sparkly profile online, do some research on how long they have been in business – including how many market cycles.

You must also know whether they adopt the strategy they are recommending to you because if they don’t there is something fishy going on.

The bottom line is you must be careful who you listen to.

2. Understand different types of investment strategies

Once upon a time not that long ago most people just bought one property, or maybe two, and then did nothing else.

Some of them might have achieved strong capital growth but that was probably just down to luck.

Others might have been stuck with a property that didn’t go up in value in a decade – or even fell dramatically like in mining locations.

There are a number of different investment strategies to consider:


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