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Why Should I Choose an Adjustable Wheelchair for my Dog?

For many pet parents, buying their dog a wheelchair is a first-time experience, and it can be a challenge to pick the best wheelchair for your dog. The truth is that there are many factors that go into getting the right wheelchair, and the right choice will be different for every dog. Here are just a few benefits of buying an adjustable wheelchair.  

A Customized Fit 

More than anything, an adjustable cart is easy to size and fit to your dog’s unique shape. Just like humans, dogs come in all shapes and sizes, which is why you want a wheelchair that features multiple adjustment points to get the most custom fit possible.

With the Walkin’ Wheels adjustable wheelchair, you can adjust the height and width by 2-3 inches and even more adjustment in length. So, you don’t need to worry if you have taken inaccurate measurements, as your dog’s cart will provide you with a wide range of adjustments. 

Easy to Use 

1. Getting Started 

The Walkin’ Wheels adjustable wheelchair features an intuitive design for ease of use for the dog and its parents.  An adjustable cart comes with everything your dog will need right out of the box with minimal assembly required. Just take the wheelchair frame out of the box, insert the struts with the wheels into the leg of the wheelchair, attach the foam leg rings in the back, and that’s it! Now, your wheelchair is ready to be adjusted to fit your dog’s body and height. It’s simple.  

2. Getting the Perfect Fit  

An adjustable wheelchair offers flexibility and enough room to customize the fit of your dog’s cart. Choosing an adjustable wheelchair will give you the most control over how your dog’s cart will fit them.

How is it adjustable?

  • Length – your dog’s cart can be made shorter or longer as needed to fit your dog’s torso.
  • Height – an adjustable wheelchair will come with a strut and wheel that will let you adjust the height of your dog’s cart. With 3″ of adjustability, so it’s ok if your measurements are off a bit!
  • Width – gives you 2″ to 3″ of width adjustment so you can fit your dog’s unique shape. And if their weight or size fluctuates. with a few simple adjustments the cart can continue to fit them!

Accommodate a Dog’s Changing Body 

Dogs experiencing changes in their mobility can exhibit physical changes in their body as well. A dog that has been inactive for a long period of time may experience weight gain, whereas other dogs may have lost weight and muscle mass over time. These weight fluctuations and changes in a dog’s body are quite normal. Once an overweight dog becomes more active, the dog may shed pounds, and a previously inactive dog may slowly rebuild muscle mass. With an adjustable cart, you don’t have to worry if your dog’s size or body shape changes so that their cart won’t fit them anymore. No need to buy another cart, with a push of a button, you can widen or narrow your cart to fit your pet as needed. 

For a puppy or growing dog, an adjustable wheelchair can grow with them. The wheelchair’s length and width can be adjusted as needed (a medium wheelchair comes with two sets of side extenders and allows for quite a lot of room for growth. The wheels and struts can be swapped for a taller set if a dog gets too tall. An adjustable wheelchair is incredibly versatile and adaptive.  

An Adjustable Wheelchair Adapts to a Pet’s Change in Mobility  

Many conditions that affect a dog’s mobility are degenerative in nature. For a dog with DM or arthritis, this means that their mobility loss may worsen with time, and the level of support they need can change as well. Since most mobility loss first impacts the hind end, many pets start with a rear wheelchair. With a custom wheelchair, the dog will likely need a whole new cart if the front legs weaken and support is needed. Meanwhile, with an adjustable wheelchair, like the Walkin’ Wheels, a front attachment can be added at any point to convert the rear wheel cart into a full-support wheelchair with four wheels! This allows the pet to use one cart for its whole life.


An adjustable dog wheelchair gives pet’s the support they need, while still allowing pet parents to get a customized fit. An adjustable cart ships quickly without the delays and complications that can come from a custom wheelchair. If you want to get your pet back on their fit quickly, with a wheelchair that will fit and adapt as your dog’s mobility needs change, and adjustable dog wheelchair is the right choice.

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