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Year ender 2023: Fashion trends that were in style for men and women | Fashion Trends

Keeping up with fashion trends is easier said than done as we see a plethora of style options everywhere and impacted by changing seasons or global influences, the fashion trends in 2023 were a conflux of not just culture but emotions, expressions and even history. As we wrap up this year and gear up to welcome New Year 2024, it has been observed that fashion trends have now become very personal, depending on the comfort level of people and also the affordability playing a huge role hence, there are no particular ways to keep up to sartorial trends as there are no rules to follow certain styles.

Year ender 2023: Fashion trends that were in style for men and women and will also be fashion goals in New Year 2024 (Photo by August de Richelieu on Pexels)

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Kanika Vohra, Co-Founder of ICH NEXT, shared, “Yesteryear styles such as Aba Kurtas, cuffed Kaftans, the Jeliga, mixed-match kutch embroideries and Pakistani yokes expect a revival this season. For women, the trends would be reflected in Oriental florals, Isfahan and Abadeh from Persia and African adinkra patterns. For men Oriental architecture, Tribal motifs, fauna blend to a rich, palette of patterns and monumental rug patterns are likely to be in the trend. On the fore, one can see an aristocratic style of utilitarian fashion that has been inspired by Persian nomads as well as warriors and rulers.”

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Suggesting a tip to check if the dress you have been eyeing for keeps up with the color palette of the season, she said, “Saturated tones of berry and purple set against rustic colors like ginger and almond with hints of zari are going to be the vogue for festive season. Raw pepper and Turmeric, Ragi brown with Earthen silver, Azurite and Peach quartz, alongside Mitti red and Peach quartz will also be colours that will set the trending charts on fire. These atypical palettes of grounded colours will go well with aged metallic embroideries of tilla, marodi and also Kutch embellishments in mixed mode.”

Talking about the fashion trends of 2023 and ones that will rule in the New Year 2024, Leena Singh, Founder and Designer at Label Ashima Leena, revealed, “The new thing that seems to be seen is the absence of fashion policing. People want to dress up with their own individual style and believe that they will look different if they don’t follow the trends but style their dressing in such a way that they look apart from the crowd. It is seen that sarees when draped differently catch lot of attention so just draping the saree in different style becomes a trend without following particular drape. Similarly, the Indian outfit, especially the lehngas, can be worn with so many different kinds of blouses – right from traditional to the modern blouse. Western wear can be mixed and match in unlimited ways, bringing a new look out every time. The scarves remain the trick between formal and informal western wear.”

Now that you know the basics, you can definitely keep up with the current fashion trends that are ruling the roost in the sartorial world of 2023 and are likely to seep into the New Year 2024.


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