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A bird’s eye view of Sanjiangyuan: The Angsai Canyon


Known as China’s Grand Canyon, the Angsai Canyon in Zaduo County, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in northwest China’s Qinghai Province boasts magnificent Danxia landforms formed during the Cretaceous period between 145.5 and 65.5 million years ago.

The unique climatic and geographical conditions have created a diverse ecosystem in the Angsai Canyon, making it a good habitat for several rare species, such as snow leopards, the Tibetan blue bear, the lynx and the white-lipped deer.

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Bird’s eye view of Sanjiangyuan: The Amne Machin snow mountain

(Cover image via screenshot. Video shot by Han Xu and Han Liude and edited by CGTN’s Zhao Ying)


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