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Don’t Overshare! How to Avoid Sharing Too Much Online [Podcast]

You’ve been sharing too much online. Photos, check-ins, perhaps even passwords. We show you how to stop in this week’s podcast.

Ever been accused of oversharing? Have you been labeled a “sharent” after posting pics of your children on social media? In this week’s Really Useful Podcast, we take a look at online oversharing, its consequences, and what you can do to minimize “sharenting.”

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This week, we’ve got the following tech news that matters:

We’ve also got these tips and explainers:

The show closes with the following recommendations:

  • DOS_Deck (MS-DOS era retro gaming for browsers and Steam Deck)
  • Hopper (money-saving flight booking service)

Christian Cawley hosts this week’s podcast, and is joined by Ben Stegner. You can contact them on Twitter: @thegadgetmonkey and @stegnersaurus, with your suggestions for future topics.


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